New MB&B Course Requires Application for Fall 2017; Fulfills WR

Event time: 
Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - 5:00pm
Event description: 

MB&B 459a/EVST215/ENG459, Writing about Science, Medicine, and the Environment.  Professor Carl Zimmer

Advanced non-fiction workshop in which students write about science, medicine, and the environment for a broad public audience. Students read exemplary work, ranging from newspaper articles to book excerpts, to learn how to translate complex subjects into compelling prose.   Prerequisites:  Admission by permission of the instructor only.  Applicants should email the instructor at with the following information:  1. One or two samples of nonacademic, nonfiction writing. (No fiction or scientific papers, please.) Indicate the course or publication, if any, for which you wrote each sample.  2. A note in which you briefly describe your background (including writing experience and courses) and explain why you’d like to take the course. WR  T 9:25-11:15.

This seminar is capped and requires an application sent to the email above by the deadline of August 16, 2017.