Yale Center for Language Study’s Spring-semester Fields Program Deadline

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Friday, March 1, 2024 - 1:00pm
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The Yale Center for Language Study is now accepting applications for its spring-semester Fields Program.

The Fields Program gives students the opportunity to pursue advanced-level language study within the context of their academic area of focus (generally in areas other literature if the language is taught at Yale, since advanced coursework in literature would likely be available).

This is a non-credit program, open to all registered Yale students (undergraduate, graduate and professional). In this program, students work with a language partner—a native speaker of the target language (not a formal instructor)—in two 1-hour sessions for 12 weeks. The sessions aim to develop linguistic and cultural competence through active conversation and practice of what you are studying independently.

With a limited number of slots available, a selection committee reviews all applications for their merit and appropriateness, and notifies students of its decisions within four to six weeks after the application deadline.

Please note that all applications must be received by the application deadline (this includes applications for continued study from current Fields students).

Reapplications for continuing students

If you are anticipating that you may want to continue your Fields study next semester, you must reapply by March 1st.

Since you are already a student in the program, the process to reapply will be a shorter one: On the online application, just select “Yes” when asked if you are a continuing student and you won’t have to answer all of the questions. 

If this is only your first-semester in DILS or Fields, you may wish to wait until the last few days of this month before submitting your application, so that you will have had more experience on which to reflect on your progress and motivation for continuing (questions asked on your application).

Please note that continued study is not guaranteed. The Selection Committee reviews all applications and considers different factors (e.g., the student’s goals and progress, their attendance record in prior semesters in the program, the availability of future funding, etc.). The committee’s decisions are usually announced within four to six weeks of the application deadline.