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Where can I find my advisees’ contact info, final course selections, and other information?

Student Profile, maintained by the University Registrar’s Office, lists your advisees’ information, including names, final course schedules, academic records, etc.

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Fall 2020 Course Registration Updates (for advisers)

What is my role in reviewing my advisees’ course schedules? Do I approve my advisees’ preliminary course schedules or final course schedules?

  • Advisers are expected to meet at least once with their advisees after they have submitted their preliminary schedule. The main purposes of these meetings are to get to know your advisees, talk about their academic and personal goals, and discuss what courses they plan to take.
  • You will be asked on the Dynamic Form if you have met with your advisees and if you approve their schedules (while the form uses the language of “approving” the schedule, the meaning is to indicate that you have “reviewed” the schedule)
  •  Your advisees will be able to submit their final course schedules without penalty, regardless of whether or not you have checked the checkbox (see above)
  • Final fall course schedules are due on September 4 by 5 p.m.

My advisees sealed their schedules early by mistake — how can they make changes after September 4?

Beginning after 5 p.m. on September 4, there will be a one-week, no-fee grace period for students who need to make changes to their final course schedules. The period will run from September 4 through September 11.

The online Course Change Notice form (available at University Registrar’s Office website) is the vehicle for submitting these changes. The University Registrar’s Office will waive the usual $20 administrative fee until September 11; any changes after September 11 will incur the $20 fee.

What if my advisees forgot to send me their preliminary course schedules?

Simply ask your advisees to tell you the courses they plan to take . As noted above, an adviser’s checks in the preliminary schedule’s check boxes is not required for students to be able to submit their final course schedules.

Where can I find my advisees’ preliminary course schedule information?

This year, advisees had the option of sending their preliminary course schedules to their advisers electronically.

  • If your advisees took this action, you received a notice from in your email inbox with a link to Dynamic Forms
  • If your advisees did not take this action, they may instead make a pdf of their preliminary course schedules and email it to you

Preliminary course selections do not appear in Student Profile or in Degree Audit.. Only final course selections, recorded once students seal their schedule and, for all students, after 5 p.m. on September 4, will appear in Student Profile or in Degree Audit.