Placement and Preregistration


Summer online placement exams (for fall 2020)

Summer online placement exams for AY 2020-2021 courses open on July 1 and close on July 31. Information about the exams, including who should take them, where to find them, and how results are delivered, is available on the Placement Exam and Information section of the Yale College Website.

Separately, some information about summer online language placement exams is available on the Center for Language Studies’ website, and many departments post information on their websites.

However, the Placement Exam and Information  is the Yale College central clearing house for placement exam information.

Do I Need to Take a Placement Exam: Rules of Thumb for First-year Students

  • Take the placement exam in any field in which your plan to take a course during your first year at Yale
  • Take a placement exam, if offered, in any foreign language you’ve already studied in college or in which you have some proficiency
  • Skip the placement exams for fields in which you won’t take a course during your first year at Yale
    • If you decide to study in those fields during your second year here, you can take a placement test next summer.  Are you afraid you’ll be rusty?  Even so, that will be a more accurate placement than one provided by a year-old placement test
    • What if you change your mind and wish to take a course during spring term?  Most departments will offer a formal or ad hoc placement exam in January

Students with documented disabilities may request accommodations for placement testing through the Student Accessibility Services office. Please contact the SAS office through the online registration form to submit your request at least one week before your placement test.


preference selection and preregistration applications

The Preference Selection and Preregistration Applications webpage, maintained by the University Registrar’s Office, contains a complete list of courses in Yale College, including First-Year Seminars, senior economics seniors, and others that require applications and/or have enrollment procedures which open prior to the start of term, plus links to course discussion sections or laboratory sections that use the Preference Selection tool for ranking preferred days and times. As of July 23, 2020, the webpage was under construction, with updates scheduled for the end of July and in the following weeks.

Information for spring 2021, to be updated by the end of the fall 2020 term

Online placement exams for spring 2021

These exams are intended for students who were unable to take a placement exam in mathematics or the languages listed below in summer 2020.

Two placement exam periods offered

  1. [dates TBD]
  2. [dates TBD]

All times are in EST.

Most placement exams will not be available after the fall final exam period ends through January 1, 2021 [dates TBA].

Placement exam subjects
Please click on the appropriate subject, below, for information about the placement exams, exam procedures, and how results will be disseminated. A contact person is also listed for each placement exam.

Subjects not listed
Students who did not take a placement exam in summer 2020 and seek to inquire about a placement exam in a subject or department not listed above should contact the director of undergraduate studies in that department.