Placement and Preregistration

Over the summer

Some programs have special application procedures with deadlines during the summer or in the fall before classes start. Others have placement examinations or a preregistration process that take place during First-year Orientation.

Please refer to the Special Programs, Placement, and Preregistration for August deadlines and details; additional information is published in the Calendar for the Opening Days of College.

Once on Campus (fall and Spring)

Placement Exams during First-year Orientation (also contains information on academic events and info sessions during First-year Orientation, plus some information on preregistration in specific departments)

Preregistration Applications and Preference Selection (complete list of courses in Yale College that require applications and/or have enrollment procedures which open prior to the start of term, plus links to course discussion sections or laboratory sections that use the Preference Selection tool for ranking preferred days and times)

Do I need to take a placement exam: Rules of Thumb for First-year students
  • Take the placement exam in any field in which your plan to take a course during your first year at Yale
  • Take a placement exam, if offered, in any foreign language you’ve already studied in college or in which you have some proficiency
  • Skip the placement exams for fields in which you won’t take a course during your first year at Yale
    • If you decide to study in those fields during your second year here, you can take a placement test next summer.  Are you afraid you’ll be rusty?  Even so, that will be a more accurate placement than one provided by a year-old placement test
    • What if you change your mind and wish to take a course during spring term?  Most departments will offer a formal or ad hoc placement exam in January

Please also keep in mind the Academic Fair, held each year between 1:00-2:30 on the Tuesday prior to the first day of classes. At the Academic Fair, you will have a chance to discuss placement or other issues with the directors of undergraduate studies in all majors and programs.