Declaring a Major

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First-year students and declaring a major First-year students may declare a major beginning in their second term of enrollment.  They aren’t expected to do so, however, but some do — particularly prospective STEM majors. Nonetheless, even for prospective STEM majors, declaring a major during the first year isn’t required or expected.

An exception is made for engineering majors, who are encouraged to declare a major before the end of their second term of enrollment.

Advising for students who declare a major Once a student declares a major, the DUS or the DUS’s designee becomes the student’s official adviser, replacing the student’s college adviser, since an undergraduate student may have only one adviser at a time. Students are especially encouraged to take this into consideration before declaring a major.

Expectations What follows below are expectations for students intending to major in STEM and non-STEM fields, instructions on how to declare a major, and other useful information.

If you are majoring in mathematics, a science or in engineering

You are espected to declare an engineering major by the end of your first year; you are expected to declare a mathematics or science major during sophomore year, preferably in the fall term.

If you are majoring in most other subjects

You must declare your major no later than the start of your junior year. At that time the DUS of your major, or a designated departmental representative, becomes your faculty adviser and the person who reviews your course schedules in junior and senior years.

How to declare a major

Students declare a major by signing in to the Yale Hub and following the steps in “Declare a Major/Degree” under the Academic Information Menu.

how to Change a major

Follow the procedures above and insert your new major.

majors and programs that require an application, review, or audition.

Some majors have an approval process.  Read about those processes here

two majors (double major)

If you plan to complete the requirements of two majors, please talk with your residential college dean. Note that each major must be completed independently of the other, with no more than two term courses overlapping. You must petition the Committee on Honors and Academic Standing (CHAS) to be allowed to complete two majors. To do so, click on the Petition to Complete the Requirements of Two Majors, available on the University Registrar’s Forms & Petitions webpage.  

NOTE: there is no need for DUS approval, and it is not necessary to meet with the DUS in order to petition for a double major.