Credit/D/Fail Option


The Credit/D/Fail option

Some further restrictions on the use of the Credit/D/Fail option

How to convert a course to the Credit/D/Fail option

Be sure to read the Yale College Programs of Study rules and regulations governing Credit/D/Fail. What follows is a summary of key sections.

The Credit/D/Fail option
  • Any course in Yale College may be taken Credit/D/Fail rather than for a letter grade. If you take a course Credit/D/Fail, a grade of C– or above will be converted on your transcript to “CR.” Grades of D+, D, D–, or F will appear on the transcript as reported by the instructor.
  • A student may count up to six course credits taken Credit/D/Fail toward the bachelor’s degree
  • A student may take as many as two course credits Credit/D/Fail in a single term
  • A student has up to six opportunities to convert a course to the Credit/D/Fail option, with two of these opportunities expiring if unused during their first two terms of enrollment 

At the start of each term, students enroll in all courses without selecting any for the Credit/D/Fail option. They may subsequently select that option in any Yale College course—other than those independent study courses graded on a Pass/Fail basis—by the date published in the Yale College Calendar with Pertinent Deadlines. After that date, election of the Credit/D/Fail option is not permitted. 

Some further restrictions on the use of the Credit/D/Fail option
  • You may not apply any Credit/D/Fail course toward fulfillment of the distributional requirements.
  • Some departments will not accept courses taken Credit/D/Fail toward the requirements of the major.
  • If you want to earn acceleration credits through work in advanced courses, you may not use the Credit/D/Fail option in those courses, because acceleration credit is awarded only for grades of B, B+, A–, or A.
  • See for complete information
how to Convert a Course to Credit/D/Fail 

Students who wish to convert a full-term course to Credit/D/Fail,take the following steps. Once a student converts a grade mode to Credit/D/Fail, it cannot be reversed.

  1. Log into Yale Hub.
  2. Select the Course Enrollment tab and click “Yale College Change Course from Letter Grade to Credit/D/Fail.”
  3. Change the drop-down selection from “YC – Letter Grade” to “Credit/D/Fail.”
  4. Click “Submit Changes” to save the conversion.
  5. A confirmation of the change will be sent to your University email account. If you do not receive the confirmation email, your change was not processed. You can confirm all of your course grading modes by viewing your “Course Schedule Details by Term” in Yale Hub.

Contact your residential college dean if you are considering a course withdrawal or have problems converting to Credit/D/Fail grade mode.

The rules covering conversion to the Credit/D/Fail option are contained in the “Grades” section of the Yale College Programs of Study. The conversion deadlines for fall and spring are listed in the Yale College Calendar with Pertinent Deadlines.