Goals of Fall-term Advising

Key goals for first-years and sophomores
  • To gain an understanding of what constitutes a liberal arts education at Yale and to transition from high school to college (see also Introduction to Undergraduate Education)
  • To explore the curriculum beyond — maybe even far beyond — the subjects available to you in high school and begin to understand your academic interests and passions
  • To understand that faculty and staff members are accessible and take a personal interest in you and in your education, and to reach out when needed
  • To learn to appreciate the need to strike a balance between academic commitments and extra-curricular activities

Sophomores may add to that list thinking through and troubleshooting any issues that arose during the first year at Yale and planning for an engaging second year. Moreover, sophomores may now focus on

  • further identifying academic areas of interest and moving toward a major
  • reflecting on your extracurricular activities during your first year as you plan for your second
additional goals for first-years and sophomores
  • Thinking through how your choices — and not just your academic choices — fit into your future plans
  • Understanding the community that you live in
  • Asking big questions, rather than thinking exclusively about courses or requirements

► First-years and sophomores are encouraged to consult with their college advisers and residential college deans about matters of holistic advising, and with directors of undergraduate studies or other departmental representatives about specialized course- and requirement-related matters.  

►First-year students also have access to first-year counselors (“FroCos”) and are invited to attend the Academic Fair to meet directors of undergraduate studies and faculty from Yale’s 85+ majors