Academic Fair 2022

The 2022-2022 Academic Fair will take place in person, in LinsLey-ChittendEn Hall and William L. Harkness Hall, on AUgust 29, 2022 (time to be determined)
What is the purpose of the Virtual Academic Fair?
  • To showcase courses, majors, programs and departments
  • To provide an occasion for incoming students to seek guidance and accurate information about courses, placement, and prerequisites for majors
  • To allow students to meet the director of undergraduate studies, other faculty, staff, or majors in each department
  •  To share news of upcoming departmental initiatives or events
  • To distribute departmental contact information for follow-up meetings
Who should attend?

All first-year students, including transfer students, and Eli Whitney students. Returning students are also welcome and, every year, some sophomores, in particular, attend.

[Information from Previous Years’ Virtual Academic Fairs]

Fall 2020 virtual Academic Fair

How will the Virtual Academic Fair run and how will it be different this year?

This year’s Academic Fair will be all-virtual, as will all of First-Year Orientation, with Zoom meetings being the norm. First-Year Orientation runs from August 3-28, 2020.

August 4, 7, 11, and 14 have been set aside for academic events featuring Yale’s 80+ subjects of instruction

A Yale College Website landing page will launch soon with two links per department or major:

  • a link to each department’s undergraduate section, where links to any department’s or major’s Virtual Academic Fair Zoom meetings will be posted
  • a link to the Yale College Program of Studies First Year tab with course information specifically for first-years

Yale College academic resources offices, such as the library, the Center for Language Study, the Writing Program, and many more, have been invited to schedule their own Zoom meetings on other dates in August.

Virtual Academic Fair Calendar

All students new to Yale are encouraged to browse the First-Year Orientation calendar on YaleConnect for department, major, and academic resource office listings.

To whom should I address questions about the Virtual Academic Fair?
Please direct any Virtual Academic Fair questions to Risa Sodi, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of Advising and Special Programs, at