Peer Mentoring and Peer Advising

Many campus offices, departments and majors offer peer mentoring or peer advising. Some are listed below, but other peer advising or peer mentoring resources may be available by contacting the appropriate director of undergraduate studies directly.

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Academic Strategies (Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning)

ADHD Discussion Group

The Academic Strategies Program (see above) hosts a discussion group for undergraduate students with ADHD. Share strategies and support with peers who understand your experience. To sign up, fill out this form: ADHD Discussion Group. 

Applied Math

  • Visit the Peer Mentoring page
  • Visit the Catalog Description page for
    • FAQs
    • Full listing of applied math courses
    • Applied Math checklist
    • Departmental Student Advisory Committee (DSAC)


Students interested in the Art major are encouraged to consult the director of undergraduate studies for information about the  Art major peer advisers in CPAR, painting, photography, and sculpture.


Students interested in astronomy or astrophysics are encouraged to connect with an Astro Sib, a program that matches undergraduates with graduate students or postdoctoral fellows as mentors and advisesrs.


Students interested in the Chemistry major are encouraged to consult Prof. Nilay Hazari (, the director of undergraduate studies, about Chemistry major peer advisers.

Disability Peer Mentors

See SAS listing, below.

Earth and Planetary Science

Students interested in Earth and Planetary Sciences are encouraged to contact the director of undergraduate studies..

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Students interested in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology are encouraged to consult the E&EB Peer Mentoring page.


Students interested in economics are encouraged to consult the Economics Department’s peer mentor web page.


Peer mentors are juniors and seniors who have navigated the English major in different ways: some are double majors, others have pursued a writing concentration, still others are pre-med, and so on. They can talk to you about their specific research interests, how they decided to study abroad, how they juggled their course load, and which extracurricular activities they’ve found meaningful. In addition to reflecting on their specific experiences, our peer mentors are happy to talk through questions or concerns that you might have about your own path through the major. 

Students interested in contacting an English peer mentor are encouraged to consult Prof. Stefanie Markovits, the director of undergraduate studies.

Environmental Studies

Students interested in Environmental Studies are encouraged to consult the EVST Department’s peer mentor web page.

FGLI Ambassadors (Community Initiative)

FGLI (first-generation, low-income) and allied students are encouraged to visit the Our Team page or email


Students interested in history are encouraged to consults the History Department’s peer advising web page.

Leave of Absence

The Yale College Council maintains a peer mentorship program for students considering a leave of absence or currently on a leave of absence. Information is available at this link.


  • Visit the Math Peer Mentor Program page. The math peer mentors also hold drop-in hours, with hours listed at the Math Peer Mentor Program link.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Contact Prof. Corey O’Hern, DUS in Mechanical Engineering ( or 203-432-4258)

Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

Students interested in MB&B are encouraged to consult the peer mentors page. In addition, click here for the MB&B “Quick Facts about Majoring in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry.”

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Students interested in MCDB are encouraged to consult the the Peer Mentoring page.


The music theory peer tutoring program, now in its fifth year, is open to anyone enrolled in a music class in the department. Students in introductory courses (110 through 219) are especially encouraged to take advantage of this resource. Students can get help with a concept, homework, practicing aural skills, or with any other pressing questions.

Drop-in hours and one-on-one sessions are available. For information, please contact Prof. Anna Zayaruzny, the director of undergraduate studies.

Student Accessibility Services

Students  living with a disability at Yale have a peer mentoring resource, the Disability Peer Mentors. This could include physical impairments, chronic illness, mental illness, “invisible illness,” or anything similar.  

If you would like peer guidance, sign up to be matched with a Disability Peer Mentor.  You will be paired with an upperlevel student for connection and guidance, who you can talk to about the unique issues you may be facing.  There’s no need to put any personal medical information on your sign-up form, and all sign-ups are confidential.

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