Your Primary Advisers

Residential college dean The residential college deans serve as chief academic officers overseeing students’ academic progress. Deans  live in their college and maintain an office in their college. One of their primary roles is to advise students on academic matters and oversee their progress to degree, but they are also available for guidance on a range of non-academic matters, too.

First-year counselor Commonly known as FroCos, first-year counselors are experienced and knowledgeable members of the senior class who live among first-year students on Old Campus or in the residential colleges and offer oversight, advice, and guidance. Especially early in the year, FroCos seek to ease the transition of incoming first-years to the academic, social, and cultural life of Yale College.

College adviser A college adviser is a Yale faculty member, staff member, or administrator affiliated with one of the residential colleges who  volunteered to help first-year students think through their academic interests and choices. They serve for anywhere between one semester to four semesters — in many cases, until a student declares a major and is then advised by the director of undergraduate studies in that major. First-years learn name of their college adviser from their residential college dean, usually in August.

Director of undergraduate studies Each Yale College major has a director of undergraduate studies (DUS). The DUS serves as the primary academic adviser for students who have declared a major, but they are also available and eager to advise first-year students and others about the undergraduate courses and course sequences offered by their departments.

other Peer advisers

Peer liaisons Peer liaisons are affiliated with Yale’s cultural centers and other campus resources offices

Peer advisers Many departments enlist peer mentors and peer advisers (often, upperlevel majors) to offer advice about the major from a student perspective