High School Math & Science Survey: Advice for Students with Non-AP Exams

Contact Info

  • For technical and submission issues: Ms. Jennie Berberena (ITS specialist)
  • For information about the questions: Dean Risa Sodi (Office of Academic Affairs)
  • For students abroad: please read below, after the COVID-19 announcement

COVID-19-related Announcement

We recognize that the global pandemic continues to affect lives in many ways, including the postponement or elimination of certain exams during certain years (in some cases, GCE-A-levels, AP, and IB Higher Level).

Some lingering disruption may still be experienced in 2024. If that is the case with you, please enter the most recent scores you have as soon as you receive them, provided you receive them by the July 31, 2024, the close date for the High School Math & Science Survey.




Special Instructions for First-year Students with Non-AP Exams for Filling Out the High School Math & Science Survey

These instructions are for students taking GCE A-levels or other standardized exams that are not the United States’ AP tests or the IB Higher Level exams.  They are intended to help you answer Yale’s High School Math and Science Survey for incoming first-year students.

Question Number Question
1-2 Respond appropriately
3-6 (leave blank)
7 Indicate your IB Higher Level math score (if available)
8 Respond appropriately
9-10 (leave blank)
11-18 Respond appropriately
19-20 (leave blank)
21-26 Respond appropriately
27 (leave blank)
28-37 Respond appropriately
38-39 (leave blank)
40-42 Respond appropriately

For additional information about the High School Math & Science Survey, please email Dean Risa Sodi, assistant dean of academic affairs and director of advising and special programs in the Yale College Dean’s Office.  

As You Register for Fall-semester Courses

Please note that students from non-U.S. high schools often find it advisable to consult a departmental director of undergraduate studies (DUS) about proper placement. Once you arrive on campus for the fall term, please consider consulting the DUS of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, or Economics, if you plan to take courses in those fields.  

Contact information for each DUS is printed by major in Yale College Programs of Study (the YCPS, or “Blue Book”), and a separate list of DUSes is available on the Yale College Website.