Fall 2019 Checklist for College Advisers to First-Years

  • Please contact your first-year advisees before classes start to introduce yourself. For those of you reading this after classes have started, now’s the time!
  • Mark your calendar for the group advising meeting in your residential college. These meetings are held on the Monday before classes start, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. They are intended as an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to  your first-year advisees (meeting together as a group) and to establish when your one-on-one follow-up meetings will take place. These meetings (which generally last less than the full 60” allotted) also give you the chance to learn a bit about your advisees and address any immediate concerns, if they have any
    • If you cannot attend, notify the dean of your residential college as soon as possible. The dean will then arrange to meet with your advisees (and any other first-years whose advisers are unavailable) at this time
  • After the above meeting, contact your advisees with the dates and times you’ve set aside for one-on-one advising meetings (or a link to your calendaring app)
  • The best days for advising meetings are the Thursday and Friday after the first day of classes. Your advisees presumably will have been to a few classes by then, and will have also received a fair amount of information from their instructors, residential college deans, first-year counselors (“frocos”) and others, and will benefit from discussing that information, the first impact with Yale, and their plans  earlier in course selection period rather than later
  • The next best day for advising meetings is the Tuesday after Labor Day
  • Your meetings should be holistic in nature (academics, including course selection, but also — and perhaps more important — their adjustment to Yale, to the residential college system, and to our community, and their extracurricular activities)
  • Any questions about academics that you’re not comfortable handling should be addressed to the relevant DUS or to the residential college deans. Please remember that you’re not expected to know the ins and outs of all 2,000 Yale College courses or 80+ majors!
  • Advising meetings for first-years generally last between 30-60 minutes, depending on the flow of conversation
  • September 9 at 5:00 is the fall 2019 deadline for turning in course schedules for the Class of  2023 
  • Students must print a paper copy of their course schedules and procure your “wet” signature by the deadline
  • First-years are expected to meet with their college advisees at least three times during fall course selection period:
    1. a group meeting in the residential college
    2. a substantial one-on-one meeting (30-60”) early in course selection period
    3. a briefer meeting to check for last-minute course schedule changes and inquire about adjustment issues (10-15”) before the course schedule dealine (this is also when you’ll sign your sophomore advisees’ course schedules)

Also keep in mind:

  • the first Friday of classes in the fall term follows a Monday course schedule
  • the first Monday of the fall term is Labor Day and no classes are held
  • the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the DUS’s designee becomes the official adviser to any first-year who declares a major. That student will disappear from your list of advisees (though you may opt to stay on as an unofficial adviser).
    • Yale College frowns on first-year students declaring a major during their first fall term of enrollement. The exception to the rule regards engineering majors