“Constellation of Advisers”

It should help all college advisers to know that you are not alone in your role. Residential college deans, directors of undergraduate studies, first-year counselors (“FroCos”), and other university staff members all share your goal of offering first-year students and sophomores the advice and counsel that will ease their transition into the Yale community, help them meet the rigorous academic standards of our institution, and thrive as they move toward defining a program of study.

The First-Year and New Student Resources website describes this system of advising in terms of a “constellation of advisers.” The respective roles of each member of this constellation are made easier by working together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual support.

  • residential college deans are available throughout the year to answer questions relating to specific individuals or to the general regulations governing work in the first or second years
  • directors of undergraduate studies are available to answer questions about prerequisites and requirements for majors
  • first-year counselors (“FroCos”) live on the first-year hallways and are in constant communication with the residential college deans

To these advisers, one might add peer liaisons, directors of the cultural centers, staff in the Chaplain’s Office, transfer counselors, and others.

First-year students are directed by their residential college deans and the Yale College advising office to two explanatory webpages in this website:

You should feel free to consult at any time with any of those advisers mentioned above, as well as with Risa Sodi, the Yale College director of advising.