Sophomores on Their Advisers

“My adviser talks to me like a person. When I had her as a professor, she talked to me as a student, but now she talks to me as a person.”

“She is always very accessible. If I e-mail her, I get a response right away, and she’ll meet with me when I need her to.”

“Sophomore year…should be a time to explore different fields.” 

“I went to her with ideas, and she helped me narrow my class list, and then I went back later with my schedule. […] She advised me about individual professors and classes.”

“The DUSes are the best resources about majors. Meet with them.”

“She makes herself available. We’ll talk about things outside school.”

“My adviser insisted on discussing my schedule with me before he would sign it.”

“I thought I had my major decided when I began sophomore year, but after a few more courses, I changed my mind. I just went back to majoring in one of my other interests, even though I had taken only one course in it.”

“Get to know upperclassmen in your major or possible major. They can be an amazing resource.”

“I did not know what my major would be until after spring term started. I took Psychology 110 because I heard it was a good course, and the next thing I knew I found my major—psychology. I was stressed some until then, but for some of us it takes a bit longer to find a major.”