Finding Your Advisees’ Information in Student Profile

How to find your advisees’ information in student profile

Student Profile, maintainted by the University Registrar’s Office, lists your advisees’ information, including names, course schedules, academic records, etc.

You’ll also find a link to Student Profile on the University Registrar’s Office’s Registration Resources website.

What Information Appears in Student Profile?
  • Name, residential college information, and family information
  • Academic information: class year, current courses, and academic record, including grades, for previous terms
  • I.D. photo
  • Important Responses to the summer Advising Survey 
    • click on the “Supplemental Advisee Data” link on the left-hand side of each advisee’s Student Profile page: there you’ll find your advisee’s answers to such questions as “what should my adviser know about me?,” and more
  • High school transcript

Software Requirements to access student profile


  • Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x, 8.x
  • Firefox / Mozilla 2.x, 3.x


  • Safari 3.x, 4.x
  • Firefox / Mozilla 3.x

Macintosh users may experience difficulty using Firefox depending on their operating system. If that is the case, please try Safari.

Most login problems are caused by out-of-date software or use of the wrong software.

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