Where to Find My Advisees’ Information?

how to find your advisees’ information
  1. Your personal advising page on the Academic Adviser Website (traditional view)
  2. Student Profile (new view). The URL for Student Profile, for those who want to bookmark it, is https://studentsystems.yale.edu/StudentSelfService/ssb/termSelection .

To gain access to your advisees’ information„ you will need to enter your Yale NetID and password.

  • Names (both first-years and sophomores, as applicable)
  • Residential college and class year
  • Biographical information
  • Q & A (answers to the Housing and Advising Form, including “What should my adviser know about me?”
  • Photo
  • Grades
  • High school transcript

You will also find buttons

  • To email the student (individually)
  • To email all advisees
  • To email the residential college dean