Spring 2020 Advising Memo for Advisers to First-years and Sophomores

January 8, 2020

Dear college advisers,

I hope that you enjoyed a restful winter recess. I write now with some advising reminders for the spring term:

  • Plan to contact your advisees by nextTuesday, January 14th, to suggest dates and times to meet
  • Click here for Student Profile and your advisees’ names, email addresses, photos, and fall-term grades
  • Begin meeting with your advisees once they return to campus (for meeting tips, advisers to first-years click here, and advisers to sophomores click here)
  • Keep in mind the goals of spring-term advising for first-years and for sophomores, and some helpful topics to discuss during your spring advising meetings 
  • Keep in mind the deadlines for final course schedules for first-years and sophomores 
  • Review the January advising dates and deadlines in the chart, below

Additional details can be found in the For Advisers section of the Advising Resources website, such as:



Advising Resources

Please also note that first-years and sophomores are allowed to select new college advisers or declare a major after their first term of enrollment (i.e., starting now). The director of undergraduate studies (DUS) becomes the adviser for students who declare a major (in lieu of the college adviser). For further information, please click here.

Best regards,

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Director of Advising and Special Programs
Yale College Dean’s Office

January 8

   Residences open for the spring term (9:00 a.m.)

January 13

   Spring-term classes begin (8:20 a.m.)

January 17

   Friday classes do not meet; Monday
   classes meet instead

January 20

   Martin Luther King Jr. Day; classes do not meet

January 22

   First-years’ final schedules due (5:00 p.m.)

January 23  

   Sophomores’ final schedules due (5:00 p.m.)