What to Do If You Are Unable to Sign Your Advisees’ Course Schedules on Time

If you are unable to sign your advisees’ schedules because of inclement weather, illness (yours or theirs) or another legitimate reason, this is what you and your advisees should do:

  1. Your advisees turn in an original copy of their schedules on time, on the appointed day, to their residential college dean’s office (or to the dean’s administrative assistant).  Such schedules are considered to have been turned in on time and no late fines are levied.
  2. Your advisees then obtain a photocopy of their schedules from the dean (or the A.A.).
  3. Your advisees then have one week to obtain your signature on the photocopy of their schedules.
  4. Any schedule turned in after one week is considered late, and a fine of $50 is levied

If you find yourself unable to sign your advisees’ schedules, it would be a courtesy on your part to apprise the dean of your residential college of that situation, including the names of your advisees in your phone call or email.

See also the Yale College Program of Study, “Deadline for submitting schedules” (paragraph 2: “It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all necessary signatures, except that of the residential college dean, before the schedule is due. In the rare instance that the student’s adviser is unavailable before the deadline, the student should nonetheless submit the schedule on time, and take a copy to be signed by the adviser and submitted to the dean as soon as possible. If the student does not submit a copy of the schedule signed by the adviser within one week of the deadline, the student will be subject to the fines and restrictions described under paragraphs 3 and 4 below”).