College Adviser Lunches in the Residential Colleges

The health and safety leadership is current reviewing whether conditions will permit restoration of this privilege to the fall 2021 term. you will receive information from the dean of your residential college as soon as it becomes available.

All college advisers, including staff members not otherwise eligible for residential college lunch plans, are entitled to three lunches per advisee per term, by decision of the Council of Heads of Colleges.  Bon appetit!

To ensure that you’re not charged for your lunch:

  1.  Hand your Yale I.D. to the dining hall desk attendant
  2. Request that the desk attendant enter “Grad Affiliate” on the attendant’s touch screen
  3. Wait for the screen to flash green to indicate that your I.D. has been accepted and no charge will accrue to you

► Problems? Please contact your residential college dean’s office. A list of RCDOs, with contact information, is available here.